Thomas  Reiss

Obituary of Thomas James Reiss

Thomas was born to George and Audrey Reiss in Niles, Ohio. He had two siblings; George and Nancy Reiss, of California, and John and Ruth Anne Reiss, of Florida. His extended family; Marlyn and Jerry Beck, Carol Cowgill, Elizabeth, Kyle, and Meg. The Mishler, Griffin, Drain, and Hutzel families. His two lifelong friends Tom and Anne Rose, Skip, and Maria Rawlings.   

Thomas was a retired Coast Guard auxiliary who loved to be out and about on the boat. He worked for Freedom Boat Club where he had many happy memories and friends. He worked for West Marine and played Santa Claus at PetSmart. He became a widower after he lost his wife, Martha, to cancer. They both were a part of the island community and loved family. Thomas is survived by his son; Nathaniel and Sharon Reiss and daughter; Priscilla Reiss. 

Thoughts and prayers.

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